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The increase in supplier spend was mainly driven by an increase in capital expenditure spending at our thermal plants to ensure the resilience and availability of our assets. The number of suppliers reported during FY19 is lower than previous years due to AGL conducting a data-cleanse removing duplicate and inactive suppliers as we transitioned to a new procurement system, as well as only including suppliers that AGL has transacted with over the financial year.


  • Supplier spend refers to spend on suppliers by AGL (including AGL Macquarie, AGL Loy Yang and AGL Torrens).

  • Supplier spend for AGL Macquarie comprises data covering the period of AGL ownership (2 September 2014 onwards).

  • Data excludes settlements' vendor spend (i.e. energy trading related suppliers).

  • The Supplier Profile has been rebaselined during FY19 due to the implementation of a new procurement system (PT3).

  • FY19 only data includes suppliers whereby AGL has transacted with over the financial year.

  • Supplier Profile is at 30 June 2019 and excludes Wholesale Markets and ConnectNow. The data includes Superannuation and Taxation (i.e. ATO) as vendors as well as network vendors used on electricity and gas transmission.

  • Where vendors have multiple records, they have been excluded where possible.

  • Suppliers that provide goods or services to AGL Macquarie and AGL Loy Yang are included in the counts for both assets.

GRI Reference: 102-9

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