Water consumption by facility

Water consumption at the Camden Gas Project increased over FY19 due to irrigation of rehabilitated well sites. Newcastle Gas Storage Facility water consumption increased as a result of greater water requirements to keep the asset cool over summer and regular testing of the fire water system. The increase in water consumption at Silver Springs is due to water requirements for Workover Rig operations toward the end of FY19. Wallumbilla water consumption increased after installation of a water meter, which gives the ability to more accurately measure actual usage.


  • Major AGL offices comprise Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Bourke Street and Collins Street in Melbourne (Vic) and Eastwood (SA). AGL relocated its Sydney (North Sydney) and Brisbane offices in FY17.

  • Where office buildings are occupied by multiple tenants, AGL's water consumption has been estimated based on property management data for the building, pro-rated to reflect the amount of building floor space occupied by AGL.

  • Water consumption for AGL facilities located on customer sites is excluded as AGL does not typically hold a water contract at these sites.

  • Aside from major offices, data for non-energy producing facilities is excluded where water consumption is not material.

  • FY15 data includes AGL Macquarie from September 2014.

  • Data reported above excludes produced water from Gas Operations projects (refer to 'Produced water - volume') with the exception of water used by the Gloucester Gas Project as part of an irrigation trial. This water comprised coal seam gas produced water mixed with river water and used for agricultural purposes.

  • Data reported above excludes water that is passed through AGL's hydro generation facilities (refer to 'Managed water').

  • Data reported above excludes water used for cooling at AGL Torrens (refer to 'Managed water').

  • Data reported above excludes water used for cooling at Liddell Power station (refer to 'Managed water').

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