Compliance with AGL's Rehabilitation Principles


Met/Not Met

Actions undertaken in FY19

Transparency: We will provide stakeholders with information to enable better understanding of the issues related to rehabilitation of our sites. 


Comprehensive stakeholder engagement is ongoing.

Engagement: We will undertake ongoing engagement with stakeholders to ensure a diverse range of views are considered in rehabilitation plans and processes.  


Effective engagement as part of AGL's rehabilitation activities, particularly at Ravensworth, is ongoing, while we prepare options and commence rehabilitation activities following assessment of reuse and repurpose options at the AGL Macquarie landholdings and infrastructure.

Accountability: We will publish relevant information at least annually to enable external assessment of rehabilitation activities. 


An Environment Management Plan report is submitted annually to the Resources Regulator, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, DPI-Water, EPA, and local Councils.

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