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Community contribution by program area

AGL's financial contribution to the community increased in FY19, primarily due to an increase in employee fundraising as well as the Crib Point Community Fund. A seven percentage point decrease in employee volunteering participation led to a decrease in community contribution in this area. The decrease in contribution from AGL's Energy for Life Strategic Partnerships was due to Energy For Life funds being reallocated to the Powering our Community Solar Fund.


  • Amounts reported under 'Employee Giving and fundraising events' represent AGL's matched funding only, not the donations given by employees. Matched amounts are included in the year in which the employee donations were made (though the matched payment may have been made after the close of the financial year).

  • A community fund is a set amount of investment in a specific community in which AGL operates. Funds are allocated through a publicly advertised expression of interest process which is open to all organisations and associations operating within the community. Community funds do not include ad-hoc sponsorships or donations (cash or in-kind).

  • A community fund/grant is set up to meet ongoing community engagement and investment commitments while we plan to decommission, exit or sell those particular assets. Funds are disbursed on an ad hoc basis rather than through a publicly advertised expression of interest process. Prior to FY17, the Camden, Gloucester and Newcastle Gas Storage Facility contributions were classified as community funds rather than funds/grants.

  • The amount includes the full cost of AGL delivering the Powering Our Community Fund for FY19, however not all solar panels were fully commissioned by 30 June 2019.

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