Installed capacity of operated generation assets

AGL's installed capacity of natural gas, landfill gas, biomass and biogas generation assets decreased in FY19 due to the sale of the portfolio of generation assets formerly known as the National Assets. The increase in wind capacity resulted from the inclusion of the 198 MW Silverton Wind Farm.


  • This breakdown includes only those generation facilities where AGL held operational control as at 30 June in the corresponding financial year.

  • Installed capacity generally refers to the name plate capacity/capacity as registered with AEMO (market operator of the National Electricity Market (NEM)), except in circumstances where there is a network or technical constraint or where generators are not connected to the NEM.

  • Changes in the reported installed capacity between FY16 and FY17 reflect updates to the definition of installed capacity to ensure consistency between sites, rather than actual changes to plant capacity. However, the increase in landfill gas generation capacity in FY17 reflects the addition of 2.8 MW installed capacity from the new Kemps Creek Landfill generator.

  • Historical data is available in the download file.


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