Equivalent availability factor

AGL was unable to meet our budgeted equivalent availability factor (EAF) during FY19 primarily due to a planned outage extension at Baywater Power Station Unit 1, Liddell's Unit 3 turbine failure, and AGL Loy Yang's Unit 2 generator failure.


  • Equivalent availability factor┬ámeasures the percentage of rated energy available when required. Data is calculated to one decimal place as of FY19, and to two decimal places pre-FY19.

  • FY15 data includes AGL Macquarie from the date of AGL's acquisition of this entity.

  • AGL Hydro includes Somerton Power Station. FY15 & FY18 readjusted due to updated nameplate weighting.

  • Site EAF is weighted by megawatt (MW) capacity.

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