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AGL Community Funds

The total value of community investments through community funds has increased over FY19. This is due to a number of factors including the final disbursement of legacy funds as AGL exits the Gloucester region.


  • Historical amounts are rounded to the nearest $100.

  • Amounts relate to actual expenditure in the financial year.

  • A community fund is a set amount of investment in a specific community in which AGL operates. Funds are allocated through a publicly advertised expression of interest process which is open to all organisations and associations operating within the community. Community funds do not include ad-hoc sponsorships or donations (cash or in-kind).

  • A community fund/grant is set up to meet ongoing community engagement and investment commitments whilst we plan to decommission, exit or sell those particular assets. Funds are disbursed on an ad-hoc basis rather than through a publicly advertised expression of interest process. Prior to FY17, the Camden, Gloucester and Newcastle Gas Storage Facility contributions were classified as community funds rather than funds/grants.

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